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Students will each have their own device to work on the entire time.
Some challenges will be done by everyone individually and some will be in small teams.
We will take brief "screen breaks" throughout the day with off-screen activities.

The activities in this summer camp will build the following skills/knowledge areas:

1. Problem-solving and running through the "design cycle" (brainstorm-plan-test-make adjustments-repeat)
- bridge building competition
- designing a functioning village
- Mission to Mars: biosphere survival on Mars

2. Circuitry and basic electrical engineering, with an a set of "redstone" tools in Minecraft, present in multiple challenges

3. Chemistry, the Minecraft Education Edition that we use includes an amazing chemistry module combining protons, electrons, and neutrons to form elements combining elements to make compounds, etc; breaking existing minecraft "blocks" into their elements. Here is a link to the lab journal that each student will use: MINECRAFT LAB JOURNAL

4. Programming, both with block-coding and Python programming a farm, students will program little robots to till the land, plant seeds, build an irrigation system, etc.

Students also get the opportunity to present their projects to the group, using the smartboard and prepared notes to show off their creations!
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